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“The secret of achievement is to hold a picture of a successful outcome in mind.” – Thoreau


At an early age, Reza was already developing the communication skills which would help and assist him throughout the rest of his career. As a teenager, he traveled from his native Iran to obtain a degree in engineering at university in England.  Once graduated, he moved here to his home in California and began a career in engineering which would span over thirty years, each day meeting and working with new clients and expanding his understanding of how people work and communicate.

Married for Thirty years, father of four and grandfather to four, Reza realized that he had actually been coaching and mentoring his loved ones for years, that is was something which came naturally to him. Once this realization hit, he took steps to becoming a qualified coach by completing the International Coach Federation ICF approved course, which he passed with flying colors.

Reza is highly skilled in the art of helping others reach their true potential. He has formally mentored others for 15 years, and his family and many of his community look to him for advice and guidance, which is always given without judgement.

Reza’s commitment to personal growth and development has lead him to achieve his own personal goals, such as recently climbing Mount Whitney and Mount Rainer, as well as completing the dozens of  cycle rides for charity.

Reza works to the International Coach Federation framework and is fully qualified and trained to their high standards. The ICF is the only certified awarding body for coaches in America.  Reza studied at an institute which is a member of ACTO (Association of Coach Training Organizations), which provided him hands on client experience, in a face to face setting, ensuring that he honed his coaching skills and achieved the most comprehensive coaching certification possible.



With a career spanning three decades and an excellent track record of success in both the fields of engineering and real estate, Reza is the ideal candidate to aid you in reaching your own career goals and aspirations. Reza has always been a high achiever, ranked in the top five salesmen throughout his career and so understands well the pressures of an executive life. He can expertly guide you through stress reduction, time management issues, work / life balance, a career change or improvement, even how to make more money! He does this by empowering YOU to make the best decisions for yourself. If you seek professional growth and a happier and more serene work life, Reza can help you. He’s a well-respected and admired business man with the expertise YOU need to assist you on your path to career success.

Life / Spiritual

Reza moved from Iran at age fifteen, he lived on his own and learned not only how to talk English but how to be a man quickly. If you’re looking for someone with life experience, you need look no further. Reza has done and achieved so much in his life. He can call on this experience in his coaching partnership with you to help guide you through life’s struggles. For over fifteen years, Reza has been a spiritual mentor for those in his community. He has led a deeply considered and spiritual life which has allowed him to discover a deep connection to his higher power; this has positively influenced every aspect of his life. He practices what he preaches and understands that life is a journey to be the best version of you and not to perfection. Reza can guide you through relationship or family issues, to gain confidence and to personal growth. You may feel you are not moving forward in your life or that you have trouble resolving old issues; Reza can be of service to you. Maybe you just want to find happiness? Reza can guide you towards a happier and more fulfilling life. He will do this by truly listening to you, by helping you set realistic goals and by empowering you to make meaningful changes in your personal and spiritual life.


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