Ethical Accountability


  • I will approach each session with empathy, sincerity, integrity,  resilience, respect, humility, competence, fairness, wisdom and courage.
  • I will not discriminate on any grounds of race, sexuality, gender, religion, lifestyle, age, occupation, or belief.
  • I will not allow my professional relationship with the client to be prejudiced by any personal views.
  • I will avoid, sexual, financial, emotional, and all other forms of client exploitation.
  • I will avoid incompetence, malpractice, and providing services when  unfit to do so due to illness or other personal circumstances.
  • I shall respect my client’s rights and dignity and protect their safety.
  • I will maintain 100% confidentiality with my client at all times.
  • I will strive to ensure the client meets the goals they set out to achieve.
  • I will keep honest, accurate, and appropriate records of my work with clients.
  • I will ensure all information on my client is completely secure and  confidential at all times in accordance with the Data Protection Act and  the client has access to this information if requested under the  Freedom of Information Act.
  • I will maintain competent practice by regularly monitoring and  reviewing my work and ensure I have formal support for my  self-development in accordance with professional requirements.
  • I will ensure that my work is covered adequately by insurance for professional indemnity and liability.
  • I will not become involved with the client except at a professional level.
  • Should I feel unable to help the client, I will inform them as soon  as I am able and, where possible, suggest to them other professionals  who may be able to offer them guidance.
  • I will conduct a health and safety assessment on all venues used for my coaching sessions.
  • I will inform the client that the coaching relationship will come to an end it:
    -The client has achieved their goals.
    -The client continually refuses to undertake the agreed actions arising from a coaching session.
    -There is a need for the client to seek specialist help.
    -The client is involved in illegal activity.
    -The client is becoming dependent on the coaching sessions.
    I feel unable to continue to support the client.