Testimony from a Licensed Psychotherapist

"Reza is an amazing coach and helped me grow in every aspect of my life. With Reza’s guidance, my personal and emotional well-being transformed to nurture the best version of myself, and my professional goals expanded and prospered. Reza is authentic and kind, gently challenges you to step into your fears, and encourages you to meet your goals through effective time-management, accountability and action-oriented steps. I give my highest recommendation to Reza and am forever grateful for his support, knowledge and compassion." 


Testimony from a Licensed Real Estate Agent

"Dear Reza,

It was so good to hear from you the other day. I think of you often as I implement the steps you worked with me on to expand my real estate business. Yes, they do make a difference and help .

Also, it meant a lot to me that your approach looks at all of the activities in my life so that I had the opportunity to be realized in my personal life as well as my business life.

And lastly, it did make a difference that you made yourself available to me for check-ins between our weekly conversations. 

I look forward to when we work again to move me into the next level of success." 

Testimony from Gene Bleecker

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Testimony from Phill Waterman

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Testimony from Shelly Basso

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